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Answering the Call


Drawn from journals, letters, official paperwork, audio, and photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers created between 1961 and 2013, this exhibit provides a window into the unique experiences of these young men and women. 


Developing Volunteers

Gail Wadsworth THE PEACE CORPS001.tif

The Peace Corps experience is development.  Volunteers develop a host nation, the host nation develops itself, and, in reciprocity, the host nation develops the volunteers.

Services Asked for, Given, and Received

Maureen Carrol 22 May 1961_001.tif

The Peace Corps’ mission succeeds when all parties benefit from the volunteers’ projects.  Ideally, the U.S. government is able to further diplomatic goals abroad, the partner government gains infrastructure, and the Peace Corps Volunteer knows they have made others’ lives better.  In practice, serviced asked for, services given, and services received were often unaligned.  This misalignment causes frustration and tension.